Elsker Venus – krimi

August 22, 2014


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Goldman Sachs

August 20, 2014


Do you also wonder why you must pay taxes in you country while Goldman Sachs and other banks or like around world don’t have to! I do? In Denmark we have politicians who accept this while a poor person is ripped off by taxes at the same time and risks lots of things if he/she […]

Erotic Mind – The Ten Commandments

August 7, 2014


  Buy it on Ibook, Amazon and other places … Feel free to comment it where you buy …      


August 3, 2014


Shame on Obama and UN, Ban Ki-moon, for supporting and believing in Israil’s lies. Let children die – keep supporting Israil!

Ole Sohn – når man har sikret sig selv

July 29, 2013


Når politikere har sikret sig selv i hoved og r… så vil de det hele til gavn for sig selv udtrykt til fordel for andre – ligesom Ole Sohn. Hvad ellers? Bør de selvsamme politikere ikke frasige sig deres ministerpensioner mm. for at gavne nulvækst i den offentlige sektor. Næ, først raver man en masse til […]



July 15, 2013


The world is NOT big enough for  people like Snowden. Imagine why?  


CNN live

June 15, 2013


CNN LIVE from Gezi park in Istanbul for hours. WHY? What is the agenda behind it? Just wonder. BCC braodcasting live too but it seems like BCC can’t braodcast live from London since we know things are happening in Londo too. Again WHY? Maybe CNN and BCC need to explain this. One can only guess why! […]

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